April 15, 2024

Black Belt Grading September 2021

After a very difficult 18 months, with training virtually on Zoom and outside when rules permitted, Taekwondo Association Scotland (TAS) held its first Black Belt grading on Sunday 26th September at Xcite Sports Centre in East Calder. (West Lothian)

Students from TAS clubs across Scotland were present to grade to 1st Degree Black belt. Others sat degree tests seeking promotion to 2nd and 3rd degree black belt grades.

The grading was physically demanding, testing all aspects of Taekwondo including Pattern forms, 1-step sparring, 1-step semi-free sparring, contact sparring 1-on-1 and 2-on-1, self-defence, knife defence, technical kicking and power tests.

From Intrepid clubs, Mr. Scott and Ms. Dundas would like to congratulate everyone who passed their grading tests today:

1st Gup -> 1st Degree Black Belt

Niamh Walker
Murray Baird

1st Degree -> 2nd Degree Black Belt

Ryan Nolan
Michael MacLellan
John Nicol

2nd Degree -> 3rd Degree Black Belt

Lynsey Averill