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Many congratulations to Intrepid Inverkeithing students Jack Totten and Adam Parsley, who attended a Seminar and National Grading Examination today, Sunday 2nd October 2016. After an eight hour seminar and grading examination, Jack and Adam both successfully passed, and have been promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt. Very well done to both Jack and Adam! Congratulations also to Mr. Purves’ students, from NP Taekwondo, who also attended and passed gradings today.

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On the 12 – 14th of October in the beautiful surroundings of the Inchyra Grange Hotel, between Edinburgh and Stirling, Master David Brown (UTFS) hosted the first ever Unified International Federation seminar conducted by Grand Master Hwang Kwang Sung (K-9-1) to be …

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GRANDMASTER KWANG SUNG HWANG (9TH DEGREE) It is our pleasure to invite you to the upcoming International Instructors Course organized by the Unified ITF. The event will be held from Friday 12th of October to Sunday 14th October 2012 at The Inchyra Grange Hotel …

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Saturday 17th October: Black Belt Point Grades. Candidates for the UTFS blackbelt grading were put through their paces by Master David Brown (7th Degree), assisted by Ms Liz McKenna (5th Degree) at the Mariner Centre on Saturday 17th October. They were …

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Saturday 26th September saw the first UTFS technical seminar of 2009. The event began on the Saturday at the Mariner Centre, and ran from 1pm until 5pm. Master Brown (7th Degree) took the seminar throughout, updating the attendees with the latest …

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On Friday 12 of June 2009, Master David Brown [VII], Ms. Liz McKenna [V], Mr. Nik Purves [IV], Mr. Darren Scott [IV] and Ms. Julie Scott [IV] travelled to the International Instructor Course held at the Heathrow Novotel, London. The …

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Master Maidana [VII] – (Argentina) accompanied by Master Dalton [VII] – (Ireland), Chairman of the ITF Expansion Committee and Mr. Fernando Perez [VI] – (President of ITF Spain) visited Scotland to conduct a sparring workshop for the students of the …

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