March 5, 2024

Interclub Competition – Nov 2014

Rainbow, Junior and Adult students from the Intrepid Inverkeithing & East Calder clubs recently took part at the 3rd Interclub competition of 2014. They were competing against over three hundred other students from all over Scotland, and came away with an impressive list of medals. This competition also staged the 3rd Black Belt League competition of the year, which was attended by Miss Susan Dundas and Mr. Kieran Walker. See below for full details.

Thanks also to all the Intrepid students who assisted with umpire and referee duties on the day.

2014 Interclub Competition #3 of 3

JuniorInverkeithingSparringColin LawGold
JuniorInverkeithingPatternsColin LawGold
JuniorInverkeithingPatternsZara ClarkGold
JuniorInverkeithingFlying High KickZara ClarkBronze
JuniorEast CalderFlying High KickAiden WaySilver
JuniorEast CalderPatternsAiden WayBronze
JuniorEast CalderPatternsNiamh WalkerBronze
JuniorEast CalderSparringNiamh WalkerSilver
JuniorEast CalderPatternsRyan NolanBronze
JuniorEast CalderPatternsLewis EdwardsGold
JuniorEast CalderPatternsLewis LittleSilver
JuniorEast CalderSparringLewis LittleGold
JuniorEast CalderPatternsJo McGuireGold
JuniorEast CalderSparringJo McGuireSilver
JuniorEast CalderFlying High KickJo McGuireGold
JuniorEast CalderPatternsOwen NolanSilver
JuniorEast CalderFlying High KickOwen NolanGold
JuniorEast CalderPatternsMichael MacLellanSilver
JuniorEast CalderSparringMichael MacLellanGold
JuniorEast CalderFlying High KickMichael MacLellanGold
JuniorEast CalderPatternsVictoria GawidzielGold
JuniorEast CalderPatternsEuan WilsonSilver
JuniorEast CalderSparringEuan WilsonSilver
JuniorEast CalderFlying High KickEuan WilsonGold
JuniorEast CalderPatternsJessica GillSilver
JuniorEast CalderPatternsLauren GillSilver