International Seminar with GM Hwang, Scotland

GM Hwang (K-9-1)

GM Hwang (K-9-1)

On the 12 – 14th of October in the beautiful surroundings of the Inchyra Grange Hotel, between Edinburgh and Stirling, Master David Brown (UTFS) hosted the first ever Unified International Federation seminar conducted by Grand Master Hwang Kwang Sung (K-9-1) to be held in Scotland.

GM Hwang was appointed by official letter to be “Special Assistant” to the late Founder and President of Taekwon-Do, General Choi, a new role of many positions including personally accompanying General Choi on many International Instructor Courses and International meetings.

His vast knowledge and experiences over his many years in Taekwon-Do is second to none, and this has been documented in this month’s TKD Taekwon-Do Times magazine. He is also in the process of launching his own memoirs in a new book to be published in the near future, which will be very interesting reading for the Taekwon-Do community worldwide.

GM Hwang was one of the first ever Grand Masters to be promoted by General Choi, along with GM Rhee Ki Ha and GM Chuck Sherriff.  Being a very humble man, it was quickly established that his openness put all in attendance at ease and ready for a superb weekend of training. He conducted the seminar in great detail, emphasizing the importance of performing technique the way General Choi wished it to be, and not a simulated version of a technique.

GM Hwang’s wife accompanied him at the evening banquet, her affectionate smile radiated to every corner of the room upon entering. Speeches and presentations were given out, and the evening ended with many new friendships being made. Black belt students from Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland had travelled to the seminar, and all were looking forward to an exciting future with the UITF.

Also at the weekend, the European branch of the UITF was established.  Discussions on the 2013 forthcoming World Championships in South Korea, and the launch of European Championships were set up.  Structure and committee members voted in and finalised.

Upon students departure from a very successful weekend, it was announced that GM Hwang was next on his way to Ethiopia, accompanied by Master Don Dalton and Master David Brown.