June 18, 2024

Intrepid Kids Children’s Party

2011 Intrepid Children's Party

The Intrepid Children’s Christmas Party was held at East Calder Xcite Sports Centre on 17th December 2011, and was attended by over forty Rainbow, Peewee and Junior students.

A big thanks to the black belts (Mr. & Mrs. Harvey, Mr Miller) for all their help with organising all the games and Taekwondo challenge events!

Additionally a massive thank you to all the parents who provided party food and drink and assisted with the organisation of the day.

Finally – thanks to the Xcite Sports Centre staff who helped to setup (and clear up) the hall.

The highlight of the party was Xcite’s massive inflatable obstacle course. This provided opportunities for race based games – to see who could get through the course the quickest etc. Following the races, many of the juniors found alternative ways of having fun. (See the video below showing one of the juniors from East Calder performing a particularly impressive back-flip somersault).

Of course, there was also plenty of Christmas music playing to keep everyone in the festive mood; which also came in handy for the Rainbow’s musical statues game.

The older juniors attempted some Taekwondo challenge games designed around who could do the best formed flying side kick amongst others.

To finish the party off, everyone enjoyed themselves with plenty of food and drink, and this completed a brilliant year for both Intrepid clubs.

We hope you all enjoyed yourselves, and look forward to next years party already.

Happy New Year!