Inverkeithing Coloured Belt Grading – November 2012

A cold, wet and windy November 25th in Scotland was the backdrop to the final Inverkeithing coloured belt grading of the year.  It was a long day for many – starting at 9.30 am, and completing at 4.00pm.  Inverkeithing club joined with clubs from all over Fife, and everyone worked tremendously hard to gain their new grades, and are now waiting for their results.  Well done for the exemplary effort demonstrated by everyone, and best of luck on passing your new grades!

Thanks to grading examiners, Mr. Nik Purves (5th Degree), Mr. Darren Scott (4th Degree) for performing the grading examination; and additionally  a huge thanks to Miss. Louise Purves (2nd Degree), Mr. Douglas Chalmers (2nd Degree), Miss. Susan Dundas (1st Degree, Mr. Scott Gowens (1st Degree0 and Mr. Kevin Whitelaw (1st Degree0) for their assistance ensuring that the day went smoothly.