June 22, 2024


Child Protection Policy

Instructors: All Intrepid Instructors are trained to the highest standards, and have taken Child Protection courses.

Disclosure Scotland: Further, all Instructors and assistant instructors have been Disclosure Scotland Certified (PVG Enhanced). “Disclosure Scotland is a service designed to enhance public safety by providing potential employers and organisations within the voluntary sector with criminal history information on individuals applying for posts. Disclosure Scotland issues certificates – known as “Disclosures” – which give details of an individual’s criminal convictions (and in the case of Enhanced Disclosures, where appropriate, non-conviction information) or state that they have none.”

For more information visit Disclosure Scotland

Further Support Links

Alcoholics Anonymous
FRANK (Drugs Help)

Photographic / Video & Media Policy

The Intrepid Clubs have identified the following circumstances under which photographic images of junior or rainbow students may be taken. This is meant to be an indicative list of circumstances provided for guidance and is not exhaustive or complete.

Video – training sessions, demonstrations, competitions, gradings and instructional videos
Action shots – General photos of students during training sessions, demonstrations, competitions, and gradings.
Team photographs – posed group photos
Tours and Competitions
Press coverage
 – local newspapers and specialist Martial Arts press.

Additionally, any of the above may be published on the Intrepid Taekwondo Club website or club noticeboards.

All parents/guardians to be asked to sign a form approving the taking and use of photos, videos etc. Those taken or used by an Intrepid Taekwondo Club itself being in accordance with full UTFS guidelines (full UTFS Child Protection Policy available on request). The Club will not be responsible for photographs/videos taken or used by any third parties.

If a parent/guardian chooses not to sign the declaration or changes their mind at a later date, then the Club reserves the right not to allow the relevant student to participate in events where they could be expected to be photographed or videoed. The Club may consider allowing the relevant student to participate provided their parent/guardian is present throughout and undertakes to supervise and monitor such child for the purposes of photos/videos. If the parent or guardian is unable to prevent unauthorised photographs or videos and is unhappy about this, they should immediately withdraw their student from the event concerned.

In the case of other clubs with whom the Club comes into contact (competitions, demos, gradings etc), the Club will advise them that they should not allow their students to participate unless they have either parental approval in respect of photographs/videos or, absent that, an adult or guardian assigned to monitor such child as mentioned above.

Generally, the Club wishes to make it clear both to parents/guardians of its own students and also to other clubs that it will not be providing any photo-monitors for the purposes of controlling the taking of photographs or videos by third parties and if this causes concern, they will need to make their own provision.