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Date: Saturday 23rd February 2013

Venue: Grangemouth Sports Complex

Registration: In ADVANCE by Thursday 21st February 2013

Please complete the Scottish Entry Form 2013 and return as soon as possible to your instructor.  The registration deadline will be strictly adhered to.

Start Times:

Officials 8:45am
Rainbows 9:00am
White & Yellow Belts 9:00am
Green Belts & Above 11:00am
ALL Adult Competitors 1:00pm
Blackbelt Competitors 1:00pm (after coloured belts)


Traditional WHITE dobok only, or International UTFS Dobok


Competitors £20
Spectators £3 (under 5 yrs – £2)

Coloured Belts: £2 off your entry cost if you attended the 2013 January Interclub Competition.
£5 off if you register in advance by the above deadline.

Black Belts: £5 off your entry fee if you referee.

T-shirts for this year’s event are also available for pre-order (priced at £12 each).  If you are interested in purchasing one, please advise your instructor.



White & Orange Belts Walking Stance Punch
Note: Moves performed 4 times forward only.
Purple Belt & Above Front Kick, Wedging Block
Note: Moves performed 4 times forward only.


Coloured Belts Competitors Choice
Blackbelts Judges choice until the final round; then TWO Patterns – One as Competitors Choice, the other the Judges Choice.


All Rainbow & Junior Grades Point Sparring
Adults: 10th Gup to 7th Gup Point Sparring
Adults: 6th Gup to 1st Gup Continuous Sparring
Blackbelts Continuous Sparring

Competition Information:

Adult DivisionsDivisions are determined by weight and age (adults & veterans). Weight divisions will be decided when the draw sheets are constructed (to ensure adequate numbers in each division).

Veterans under 37 years and over can choose to compete in either veteran or adult categories (but not both).
Rainbow and Junior Divisions
Divisions determined by heights and age (under 18s). Height divisions are decided when the draw sheets are constructed (to ensure adequate numbers in each division).
Power Breaking (Adults Only)
6th to 4th Gup: Yopcha Jurigi (Side Kick)
3rd to 1st Gup: Dollyo Chagi (Turning Kick)
Special Technique (Juniors Only) Flying High Kick
Blackbelt Power Breaking(Junior) : Yopcha Jurigi / Dollyo Chagi

(Male & Female) : Yopcha Jurigi / Dollyo Chagi / Sonkal Taerigi (Anuro or Bakuro)
Blackbelt Special Technique(Junior) : Flying High Kick

(Male & Female) : Flying High Kick / Flying Turning Kick