Taekwondo Demo for Dalgety Bay Cubs

Friday 11th September saw Inverkeithing Intrepid students visit the Dalgety Bay Cubs to demonstrate Taekwondo. After lining up, and a brief introduction by Mr. Scott, the demo team started with a quick warm up. (Showing the cubs press-ups, star-jumps and sit-ups etc). The warm up continued with some pad work, showing combinations of different punches and kicks.

The 2nd degree black belts of the demo team (Mr. Ferguson, Mr. Baillie & Mr. Miller) demonstrated attack and defence movements (against an imaginary opponent) in the form of a pattern called Eui-Am. Patterns demonstrate speed, power, balance & co-ordination.

Meanwhile, the junior contingent of the demo team proceeded to get their sparring gear on, and got up in various groups to show more dynamic movement in the form of touch-contact free sparring. Some of the more advanced juniors also demonstrated two-on-one sparring where there are two attackers.

The demonstration continued with more of the adult demo team demonstrating power breaks (air-breaks) on wood, and the junior black belts (Liam Ward and Ryan Thompson) also demonstrated the power of their techniques by breaking some wood with side and back kicks.

The demonstration continued – showing self defence moves, competition style sparring with the black belts, coloured belt patterns, and finished with Mr. Miller demonstrating a flying side kick over 4 people.

We hope the cubs enjoyed the demonstration, and thank them for their interest and hospitality.

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