June 18, 2024

UTFS Blackbelt Gradings & Coloured Belt Seminar

UTFS Blackbelt Gradings & Coloured Belt Seminar

Saturday 17th October: Black Belt Point Grades. Candidates for the UTFS blackbelt grading were put through their paces by Master David Brown (7th Degree), assisted by Ms Liz McKenna (5th Degree) at the Mariner Centre on Saturday 17th October. They were thoroughly tested on the technical knowledge of the pattern appropriate to their grade and also underwent a good physical workout. The grading sees many students ready to be put forward for their full international 2nd degree next year!

The following Intrepid candidates were successful:

  • Promoted to 4th Degree Level 2: Mr. Darren Scott
  • Promoted to 1st Degree Level 3: Miss. Emma Loedel, Miss. Lynsey Averill
  • Promoted to 1st Degree Level 2: Mrs. Allison Harvey, Mr. Gordon Atkinson, Mr. Ryan Thompson
  • Promoted to 1st Degree Level 1: Mr. Greg Anderson

Congratulations also to NP Academy Black Belts:

  • Promoted to 2nd Degree Level 1: Mr. Andrew Miller
  • Promoted to 1st Degree Level 3: Mrs. Louise Purves
  • Promoted to 1st Degree Level 1: Mr. Owain Barratt, Ms. Lucy Stark
  • Promoted to 1st Degree Provisional: Ms. Lesley Mealing

Sunday 18th October: Coloured Belt Seminar. After the success of the blackbelt gradings, UTFS members had the opportunity to attend a coloured belt seminar the next day led by Federation President Master David Brown (7th Degree) at Bo’Ness Recreation Centre.

The seminar was open to red belts and above and was extremely well supported with over 50 red and blackbelts in attendance. After registrations – where the participants received their instructional DVDs from Ms Liz McKenna (5th Degree) – there was a quick warm up and stretch.

Master Brown covered some lower grade patterns with the assistance of Miss. McKenna, Mr. Purves, Mr. Scott and Miss. Scott, the 5th and 4th Degrees. Other technical aspects were covered including one step sparring – hand, feet and jumping techniques – self defence and the higher grade coloured belt patterns.

Lorraine Anderson and Scott Gowens joined Mr. Scott in attended the seminar from Inverkeithing club.