June 18, 2024

UTFS First Aid Training (& Heart Start Course)

UTFS First Aid & Heartstart Training Course

Saturday 10th October saw UTF Scotland hold it’s first ever HeartStart and First Aid training course. These courses where hosted by Mr Nik Purves and Mr Paul Gowens (in professional capacity from the Scottish Ambulance Service) along with fellow NP Tae Kwon Do Academy students Mr Andrew Miller and Mr Owain Barratt. The course which was free of charge for all participants covered Emergency Life Support (CPR) and First Aid training which included sections tailored specifically to martial arts.

UTFS First Aid & Heartstart Training Course

Mr. Scott and Mr Baillie attended from the Intrepid clubs.

The day began with a quick registration and a chance for every one to catch up and grab a drink in the dedicated break out room before moving up to the main training suite kitted out with multiple presentation screens.

The course started with an introduction from Paul Gowens before each of the HeartStart instructors took to the floor.

The HeartStart course covered:

  • Recovery Position / Getting Help
  • CPR
  • Heart Attack
  • Choking
  • Serious Bleeding

Each section had a video to watch then a discussion lead by the instructor and then a practical session where everyone worked in groups to get some hands on experience.

On completion of the HeartStart course a short break was given before moving on to the First Aid section of the day. This was run by Paul Gowens and one of his fellow paramedic colleagues, Gerry Egan, who had kindly agreed to help teach the First Aid course with Paul. Gerry also has a background in martial arts enabling him to put over and discuss the typical types of injuries that can occur.

The First Aid course covered:

  • Injuries to Bones and Joints Fractures, Strains, Sprains and Dislocations.
  • Medical Emergencies Anaphylaxis, Angina, Asthma, Diabetes, Epilepsy.
  • Special Conditions Burns, Poisons.

On completion, the participants were presented with their certificates for both courses and feedback forms were completed.

A group photo concluded the session.