April 18, 2024

Budapest 2016 – European Taekwondo Championships

Good luck to everyone from Intrepid Taekwondo clubs who are travelling to Budapest today to compete in the European Taekwondo Championships (Susan Dundas, Lee Little, Kieran Walker, Jack Totten, Lewis Edwards and Lewis Little). Very best of luck !!!

Results :

Kieran WalkerTeam SparringGold
Jack Tottenindividual SparringSilver
Susan DundasIndividual PatternsBronze
Lewis LittleIndividual SparringBronze
Lewis EdwardsIndividual SparringBronze
Lewis EdwardsIndividual PatternsBronze
Lee LittleTeam SparringBronze
Kieran WalkerIndividual SparringBronze

And some pics …