June 18, 2024

Extra Patterns

Guburyo Junbi Sogi

Additional patterns have been added by Grand Master Park Jung Tae to further enhance the basic set of 24. Grand Master Park’s theory is essentially there are not enough hours in one day to fully appreciate Taekwon-Do – as such additional hours in each day would be required to truly become enlightened. Grand Master Park’s additional patterns complement the basic set, and provide a mechanism for additional training.

Grand Master Park Jung Tae was the senior Technical advisor to the I.T.F. He was regarded as the World’s number one authority on the technicalities of Taekwon-Do, which is demonstrated when examining the new patterns that he has created.

Note All patterns are taught using the key that is displayed on the pattern diagrams (the letters at each of the points). A pattern is started on the spot marked with an ‘X’ facing towards ‘D’ with ‘A’ always on your right hand side.